About the Editors

Robert Perry: Editor

One of the most respected interpreters of A Course in Miracles, Robert Perry has taught the Course since 1986, has authored or coauthored over twenty books and booklets on the Course, as well as hundreds of articles, and has lectured throughout the United States and internationally. He is the author of An Introduction to ‘A Course in Miracles,’ Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with ‘A Course in Miracles,’ and Return to the Heart of God: The Practical Philosophy of ‘A Course in Miracles,’ as well as coauthor of the Workbook Companion series and the Illuminated Text series.

Greg Mackie: Assistant Editor

Greg Mackie has been a teacher of A Course in Miracles for over twenty years, and has taught with the Circle of Atonement since 1999. He is the author of How Can We Forgive Murderers? And Other Answers to Questions about ‘A Course in Miracles’ and coauthor (with Robert Perry and Allen Watson) of One Course, Two Visions: A Comparison of the Teachings of the Circle of Atonement and Ken Wapnick on ‘A Course in Miracles.’ In addition, he has published numerous articles on the Course and related topics, has taught regular classes on the Course’s Text and Workbook, and is one of the leaders of the Circle’s Course teacher development program.

The Circle of Atonement: Publisher

Founded in 1993 by Robert Perry and based in Sedona, Arizona, the Circle of Atonement (www.circleofa.org) is a nonprofit organization devoted to serving the needs of A Course in Miracles students and the purpose of the Course in the world. Its aim has been to develop a comprehensive understanding of A Course in Miracles in both theory and practice, one that is as faithful as possible to the Course itself. The Circle’s ultimate aim is to establish an enduring spiritual tradition in which students and teachers are joined in walking the path of the Course. The Circle of Atonement publishes books and articles on the Course, offers online programs and classes, and hosts an online community called the Circle Course Community.

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